Movie Review: What Is A Woman?

June 16th, 2022

drawing by Greg McCann

SPOILERS AHEAD: Michael Moore deserves a lot of credit for this film. Over two decades ago, he personalized the documentary by inserting himself into it, and while that has created a great deal of controversy, it has also provided a template for others to follow that proves to be quite effective. This template takes the form of thought, followed by action, powered by the heart. And with his latest film “What is a Woman”, Matt Walsh replicates the template with impressive results.


On Life And The Beach

June 8th, 2022

Grand River Overpass, King St. by Greg McCann

Currents move through the water, carrying debris that gathers as sediment along a shoreline. Over time this sediment forms into a sandbar, and eventually, a beach.

People gather at the beach: to fish, to swim, and eventually, to venture forth from that shoreline, out across the water and towards the horizon.


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