On Hearts & Coins

Oct 13th, 2022

Pennies From Somewhere. by Greg McCann

This work concerns the difference between flipping perception, and setting perception aright

During a disagreement, there can be many reversals. The greater the polarization, the more frequent these reversals occur

Polarization flattens both sides, like a coin

A polarized view flattens itself by way of circular reasoning

Flip vs flip befits distortion and prevents setting aright

So what does mean to set aright the situation?

To view *setting aright* as a coin balanced on its side may be an error

Because in this view, both sides remain flat

And energy is required to maintain correct balance between two flattened sides

This often leads to a form of triangulation, with both sides fueling the centre

Hence the analogy of a coin in the center

And as well, the centre coin continues to turn on its own axis, fueled by a combination of each sides’ circular reasons

While this appeals to notions of progress, it does so in a highly precarious way

Perhaps it would be helpful to see different sides not as sides at all, but as their own coin (co-in, or polarity)

As problems occur, each coin flattens itself through its own currency, out of (rather than in) exchange with the other

And so the nature of what exchange that is left between coins becomes overtly unidimensional

When this happens, it leads to each side trying to flip the other in a single minded way

Which brings back the original question: what does it mean to set aright this situation?

It means to adopt a multidimensional approach to one’s own position

More specifically, it means that you have more than one heart

Only one true Heart, but many other hearts superimposed over your true Heart, as the coins, or polarities of internal exchange, through which you are viewing reality

To flatten these polarities is to place a burden on the heart

Instead, fatten your coinage by lightening your heart and adopting a multipolar perspective

This means understanding the various currencies, or completed circuits, that your mind places over your Heart

They are the mediums of your Heart, and perceiving this correctly offers more options for exchange with others’ coins of perception

Without the necessity of transaction, or making change, as a result of flattening

Exchange without the need to change, or flip, the other “side”

Because the word correct means an upright heart, it is required that one maintain one’s own balance of coinage knowing the correspondance between their various hearts of internal exchange, and their one true Heart of eternal completion

Failure to do so leads to an external transaction that requires the unsustainable capturing of energy to maintain the artificial balance of collective coinage

A good way to understand this in communication is to see the difference between what is being discussed, and the exchange of energy going on between all parties involved

Because when one is shown to be incorrect it can feel like a flip

But the truth never changes, only conditions and perception

And to correct is to set the heart aright

About The Author

Greg McCann: Artist, Writer, sort of musician