On Ifs & Thens

Nov 3rd, 2022

Drawing by Greg McCann

Your true Heart both gives and receives freely, generating movement through completion. Artificial hearts superimpose, capturing energy through perception based in lack. Worldly necessity brings pressure to communicate through artifice in this way.
This is to protect oneself from undue impression, as well as induced expression. The mind constructs protector hearts, as formulations that attempt to complete a circuit, providing a buffer for the mind to do it’s job - examine the nature of the pressures being borne upon the heart. This is because pressure originates from Spirit.
As with all mental formulations, there are two sides to this process - what is by necessity a protector is also by circumstance a vector for predation, particularily over incomplete circuits. This is called facility. Within this framework, pressures manifest as emotion, through perception between choices. The manipulation of perception can effect it’s frequency between choices, increasing emotional pressure and narrowing perception. When this happens a flattening of values occurs and any incomplete circuit is forced into an illegitimate conclusion, producing error and further vulnerability.

For this reason, the protection of incomplete circuits by legitimately completed circuits is of utmost importance. Being openminded creates vulnerability, requiring a medium of completed circuits upon which to base legitimacy, as well as a medium within which to protect the incompleted circuits. This is the facilitation of development - legitimacy based upon and protected within medium.

Mediums form through the movement of perception between polarities (emotion), to the median point between those states (attention), and from the memory of that phenomena taking place within the mind of the observer (interest).

Freedom in this reality is to move upon and within medium. The facility of medium is the limitation of freedom. Understanding principles as a starting point can help one to perceive these matters correctly, because Power originates in Spirit and your attention is governed by Principalities.

The self you express is the self that was impressed. One way to understand this is to think of it as managing your “If/Thens”. These represent the constructs in your mind that help you to plan for various circumstances, in the form of a completed circuit. The strongest “If/Thens” have the power of flexibility to them, as a balance of options and committment. You do need to commit to a plan to make it work, which is why you need to make a plan flexible. If it is flexible enough for a full commitment, then you are already generating movement from completion, rather than lack, that protects your true Heart from the superimpositions of the world.

About The Author

Greg McCann: Artist, Writer, sort of musician