On Life And The Beach

June 8th, 2022

Grand River Overpass, King St. by Greg McCann

Currents move through the water, carrying debris that gather as sediment along a shoreline. Over time this sediment forms into a sandbar, and eventually, a beach.

People gather at the beach: to fish, to swim, and eventually, to venture forth from that shoreline, out across the water and towards the horizon.

This all starts as a series of aggregations, be it the gathering of pebbles or people. This process then develops into collectivism, be it the naming of pebbles or people. To collect is to “speak together”, and so the collective impulse (compulsion) is activated whenever anything is named as a result of its’ corresponding parts.

This might make the difference between gathering and collecting seem irrelevant, but there is a definite legitimacy in how these two phenomena interact. For example, the naming of a person may have nothing to do with the forces that caused the beach to form. It is that person’s presence at the beach that has an effect on it, and that effect can be as aggregational as a footprint in the sand, or as collective as naming the beach and contracting for ownership and industry related to this beach’s name. And yet all of that legality started as a footprint in the sand.

The relationship between these two - more so the movement, the relationism -is at the heart of It is the very idea of that aggregate heart fueling collectivist currency, powered by emotion, which is will. I seek to explore the application of will as it powers this system. Another goal is to see where anarchy comes into the equation.

Collectives draw from aggregates using polarity and emotion between. Consider how I wrote the sentence regarding the naming of people and pebbles. Did your mind make any connection between the two? How about when you read, “the naming of a person may have nothing to do with the forces that caused the beach to form”? The way you make a connection within the first sentence will affect how you relate to the second. This is also affected by how I’ve selected them right here.

Or you can even think of what I may be leaving out - any ideas that this writing brings to mind, which creates anticipation. The lack of a thing is in and of itself a polarity in the mind of the observer. How are you feeling - that is, between what and watt? And is the charge you are feeling more of an emergent value, or a conscious valuation? The naming of things creates new boundaries.

One other thing I’ll leave you with is the notion of frequency, and just how powerful of a phenomena that can be, in that it simply consists of how frequently something takes place. A footprint in the sand does not last long in and of itself. This is due to the frequency of pebbles. It is the frequency of the footprint’s owner, in thought, word and deed, that determines the relationship between heart and current; a frequency that surrounds and surrounds.

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