On Water & Mystery

Oct 5th, 2022

Rock Bridge in New Hamburg. by Greg McCann

When confronted with an absence, what does water do?

When confronted with a mystery, what will the mind do?

Is it wise for the mind to be as water to a mystery?

To be as water is to be an adept

It is to be drawn up and into a condition

Why up?

Because “up” is an anticipatory value

So then, perhaps it is better to say that you already are water

And to understand the finer points of this process of conditions

With this in mind one can turn their attention to matters of the heart

And set aside the distinctions between water and blood

As well as the notion of the heart being nothing more than a pump

For the heart has it’s own intelligence, to determine volume and frequency of the currents that it both sends out and receives

The heart of the mind can determine where to send its water, and in so doing fulfill potential, while avoiding lack

This is done by recognizing that potential is fully accessable in the moment, while lack is always held suspended in the future

Potential encompasses the anticipatory value, while lack is encompassed by anticipation

And so to be as water is only part of a much larger picture

Part of which is what it means to be governed by the heart’s intelligence

As the heart guides lack into potential

About The Author

Greg McCann: Artist, Writer, sort of musician